Flying Pig Cottage Weathervane – Give Your Roof A Touch Of Style!

 Flying Pig Cottage Weathervane - Give Your Roof A Touch Of Style! 1

Good Directions 8840PR Flying Pig Cottage Weather Vane Features

100% Copper “Pig With Wings” Decorative Ornament – The flying pig is proudly displayed with its wings pointed up and its body “in step”. The decorative pig ornament is made of 100% pure copper, with naturally high resistance to the elements.

Solid Brass 11″L Directional – The directional on this weather vane are built to last a lifetime. Made from 100% solid brass, they won’t break down or fall apart on you prematurely. The letters N, E, S, and W are displayed beneath the Flying Pig decorative ornament.

Solid Copper Globes – Solid copper globes adorn this weather vane, providing a natural shine that ages over time. When exposed to the elements, the solid copper produces a natural “patina” that works to protect the copper underneath. This provides better durability than steel and a longer lifespan too.

Choose Between Garden Pole Or Roof Mount – Whether you need a garden pole or roof mount installation setup, Good Directions has you covered. There’s no need to buy anything extra to install this weather vane. It’s ready to go right out-of-the-box! But you can always purchase new mounting hardware if you need a different setup, like this 4-Sided Weathervane Roof Mount

Dimensions – Completely assembled, this flying pig weather vane measures 21” L x 26″H x 11″W. The dimensions of the figure-only measure 21″L x 8″H x 4″W.  And at only 6.15 pounds, you don’t have to worry about heavy winds toppling it over. It’s lightweight, strong, and designed to provide many years of wind direction service. 

American Artisan Design – Good Directions weathervanes are hand-crafted to the exacting standards of American Artisan quality. When you buy a Good Directions weather vane, you’re not just getting a high-quality wind instrument, you’re contributing to some of the most talented designers in the world.

Lifetime Warranty – Every Good Directions weather vane comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage and defect. If at any time during your ownership, it breaks during normal use, you can simply return it for a full refund.

Why Should I Choose The Good Directions Flying Pig Weathervane?

Flying Pig Cottage Weathervane - Give Your Roof A Touch Of Style! 2

This weather vane is one of the best deals going on the Internet. You’re getting a complete, ready-to-install package, with nothing more to buy or worry about ever! The high-quality construction ensures a lifetime of trouble-free operation, and when it comes to weather vanes and roofs, that’s truly important. And check out the reviews! Nearly everyone who’s purchased a Good Direction weather vane has good things to say.

This weather vane is “cottage” style, which means it’s smaller than standard size vanes. It’s the perfect size for gazebos, as a weather vane for shed purposes, as well as other small structures like gardens and patios too. It also costs a lot less than a standard size weather vane for the roof.

We’ve learned that Good Directions is offering the best combination of quality and affordability out there. Their entire line of mid-priced weathervanes is priced low enough for nearly all homeowners to afford. And the value and functionality they provide is well worth the asking price. The flying pig is just one of the many designs available from Good Directions, and we invite you to check out their many other ornament designs too! Like the Blue Verde Landing Duck, for example. It’s bluish green color is a different style “look” altogether!

So, don’t take our word for it! Feel free to compare other weather vane options against the Good Directions brand name. Other manufacturers fall short of the Good Directions commitment to quality, and certainly, aren’t offering any kind of Lifetime Warranty. In fact, many brands of weather vane don’t come with any kind of warranty at all! So, you’re really “rolling the dice” by going with some no-name manufacturer. As for us, we’ll trust the 35+ years of industry experience Good Directions is famous for!

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