Red Tip Ornamental Windmill – Sealed Roller Bearings And Greased Zerks!

This 4ft red tip ornamental windmill provides an alternative to stylized symbolism found in most weather vane ornaments. Where most weather vanes feature a motorcycle, witch, eagle, heron, or another symbol, this ornamental windmill provides you with the functionality you need and nothing you don’t! This classic design was first made famous during the 1800s by Daniel Halladay in his Connecticut shop, where he began the first American windmill manufacturing business. But windmills themselves have been used since 500 AD to power grain mills, water pumps, and more.

4ft Red Tip Ornamental Windmill Features

High-Quality Construction – This red tipped windmill is constructed from high-quality steel and is designed to provide many years of trouble-free service. Even in heavy wind, you can count on this windmill to deliver top-notch performance. And it’s a refreshing change from most weather vanes, like the Classic Aviation Biplane, that features a single stylized ornament at the top.

13″ Red Tip Wheel – The 13″ solid steel red tip serves a dual purpose. It shows approximate wind speed with how fast the wheel spins, and wind direction through the included vane at the top. Also included are roller bearings and grease zerks for smooth, quite an operation at all times.

Anchor Stakes – Grounding this windmill is easy with the included anchor stakes. The stakes provide a solid footing and protect it from toppling over in bad weather. These stakes work well in earth/dirt, or you can choose to affix them to a solid surface like wood as well.

Double Galvanized Powder Coat Finish – Knowing your windmill isn’t going to rust or degrade prematurely is peace of mind you can trust. The double galvanized powder coat finish protects the underlying steel for a long lifespan. You may also choose to add a clear coat of your choice, paint it, condition it, and more, for added protection.

Easy Assembly – Putting this windmill together is very straight forward and doesn’t require special tools or know-how. You can get it all put together in less than an hour, and everything you need is right there in the box.

12 Month Warranty – The 12-month warranty covers limited parts, but no labor. Adding a replacement part to the windmill is easy, and luckily, the warranty covers all the parts most prone to breakage. Kotulas provides awesome customer service, and they already have an awesome reputation in the industry.

The Price Is Right On These Kotula Windmills!

Kotula Tool and Equipment has been in business for over 30 years, and started as a family startup run from the inside of a garage! Their commitment to customer service and satisfaction sets apart from the rest, with a focus on integrity, quality, and value. Priced super low at under $100, this is a great deal for people on a budget. And although you don’t get a lifetime warranty, you’re protected from factory defects and malfunctions for a full 12 months.

This 4ft weather vane for garden windmill makes a great addition to any ground setting. And Kotula windmills are proven to be of a super high-quality standard, but don’t take our word for it! The glowing Amazon reviews show that customers love owning theirs! And if you’d rather have a solid copper weather vane, consider the Good Directions Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane. It’s a great choice!

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