Pure Copper Galloping Horse Weathervane – Designed By American Artisans!

There’s something truly special about this galloping horse by Good Directions. The pure copper construction will make you the envy of the neighborhood! It makes a great gift/heirloom, and is built to super high quality standards. And don’t forget the huge amount of accessories available! The vane by itself is just the beginning! Right now is a great time to buy based on the low, low price and awesome review score! 5 stars all the way!

Pure Copper Galloping Horse Weather Vane Features

Galloping Horse Decorative Ornament – Horses have been drawn by artists throughout history for their traditional galloping motion, which is representative of both good health and free spirit.  The 100% pure copper ornament sits on top, providing a shine that turns into a natural patina over time.

Solid Brass 18″ Directional – The extra large directional shows you which direction the wind is pointing from a long distance away. You’ll find the letters N, E, S, and W positioned between two solid copper globes.

All-Weather Assembly Rod – The all-weather assembly rod is rugged enough to withstand the elements with no problem at all. You can count on the durable craftsmanship to never topple over, even in heavy wind.

Copper Globes – Dual copper globes are found at the top and the bottom of the directional, functioning as spacers and providing the beautiful shine of 22-gauge pure copper.

“Single Point Contact” Sealed Bearing – The Single Point Contact sealed bearing is a custom design invented by the Good Directions brand. It’s a high performance “spinner” that spins in the slightest breeze.

Lifetime Warranty – If at any time your galloping horse malfunctions or breaks prematurely, Good Directions will replace it for free or issue you a full refund right away!

This Weather Vane Makes The Perfect Addition To Any Roof!

You can’t do better than one of these weather vane for cupola or roof to add a touch of style. You’ll also find a full line of cupolas made by Good Directions as well. This weather vane isn’t overly priced, and most homeowners can easily afford it. The Lifetime Warranty protects your investment and gives you real peace of mind.

When you buy a Good Directions weather vane, you’re contributing to a company that supports talented American artisans and gives back to their community. Just recently, Good Directions teamed up with the Smithsonian Institute to unveil an entire line of home and garden products based on classic American art.

Note : We also have a nice selection of compatible extension rods and roof mounts available for this weathervane as well! The 401AL roof mount and 11″ extension rod will hook right up to this weather vane!

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