Good Directions Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane – 22 Gauge Pure Copper

The eagle has been a nationally recognized symbol of strength and heritage since America was born. Now you can get your hands on a genuine piece of American history, with the Good Directions Smithsonian Eagle weather vane. It’s definitely one of the most treasured weather vanes in the set, and if you take a look at the reviews, nearly everyone has great things to say about it. This weather vane has it all, and it’s yours for a great price!

Good Directions Smithsonian Eagle Weather Vane Features

American Eagle Decorative Ornament – Perched with wings fully open, the Smithsonian eagle sits on top of its copper globe ready to take flight. This weather vane also comes with a copper and brass arrow that makes seeing wind direction totally easy. This weather vane offers so much more than the other vanes in the set, without costing more. That’s a pretty awesome deal!

Solid Brass 18″ Directional – The N, E, S, and W directional tells you the wind direction at just a glance. Where smaller size weather vanes let you down, the 18″ length directional is perfect for homes, barns, gazebos, garages, and other large structures. And if you need a smaller style weather vane, consider the Flying Pig Cottage Style Weather Vane. It’s perfect for smaller structures and gardens.

3X Copper Globes – While the other weather vanes in this set feature only 2 globes, you’ll notice this weather vane comes with 3. 2 large globes, and one smaller one create an ensemble of copper that’s tough to beat. You get more value for your money with this weather vane design than the others in the set, that’s for sure.

“Single Point Contact” Sealed Bearing – You can always tell a Good Directions weather vane by the “Single Point Contact” sealed bearing. It’s guaranteed to spin easily in the wind for life, and if it ever breaks, you’re covered by a lifetime refund or replacement warranty.

401AL Roof Mount Ready – It doesn’t come with a roof mount in the box, but is fully ready to accommodate the 401AL mounting hardware (sold separately). Don’t worry, the mounting hardware doesn’t cost much at all.

Lifetime Warranty – Good Directions is one of the only manufacturers in the world that provides a lifetime warranty on their products. If at any time during your ownership, it breaks or malfunctions, you can simply request a refund. They’ll replace it or give you your money back, no questions asked!

Dimensions – Fully assembled this weather vane measures: 23” Length x 38″ Height x 23″ Wingspan – The figure only measures: 23″ Length x 20″ Height x 23″ Wingspan.

Other Weather Vanes Can’t Compare To The Quality!

Good Directions is by far one of the most beloved brands of home and garden decor products in the world. For over 35 years, they’ve been turning out quality items, affordable enough for nearly every homeowner out there! And while you may balk at the price, this weather vane increases the value of your property way more than what you pay for it. And no matter what, you get to keep this vane as a permanent addition to your property. If it ever breaks, Good Directions will replace it immediately, guaranteeing you’ll always get your money’s worth.

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