Classic Aviation Biplane Weathervane – Pure Copper – 53″ Garden Pole

The classic aviation biplane is another great weather vane option brought to you by Good Directions. It’s fully loaded with tons of great features and made from the highest quality materials. Founded in 1982, the Good Directions company has been producing affordable home and garden decor with an artistic touch. Good Directions “heirloom quality” home/garden decor is something homeowners can be proud to display on their property. This weather vane makes a great gift, and by adding it, you increase the value of your property! A weather vane like this can add 3-4 X its value to your home. So for example, if a weather vane costs $130, you can expect your property value to increase by nearly $500! And all you’ve got to do is assemble and install it! That’s a fantastic deal by anyone’s standards. Now let’s take a look at the feature set, so you can see what comes with it.

Classic Aviation Biplane Weathervane Features

100% Solid Copper Biplane Decorative Ornament – The biplane was originally made famous in WWII, and was also the crop dusting plane of choice for America’s cash crops during that time period. And beneath this beautifully designed decorative ornament, you’ll find a solid brass/copper arrow to assist you in seeing the direction of the wind. Not all Good Directions come with an included arrow, so if you don’t like this one, you might consider one like the Pure Copper Galloping Horse. It might be more your style.

Solid Brass Directionals – Included in this weather vane package is 2 solid brass directionals. One reads N and S, and the other W and E.

Dual Copper Globes – With a small globe on top and a large one towards the bottom, they help to bring this weather vane together. The globes function as both separators and an additional source of copper and compliment the overall look nicely.

All-Weather Assembly Rod w/Brass Ring – The all-weather assembly rod stands up well to the elements. There’s nothing better than knowing your weather vane is going to stand the test of time, and the Good Directions brand delivers on this promise.

3 Piece Adjustable Garden Pole – The garden pole measures nearly 5 ft tall, giving you the ability to adjust it to any height you need. And mounting the vane onto the pole is a totally easy process. Another vane in this set that comes with a garden pole option is the Flying Pig Cottage Weathervane.

Dimensions – Fully assembled, this weather vane measures : 21″ Length x 22″ Height x 13″ Wingspan – The figure only measures : 21″ Length x 5″ Height x 13″ Wingspan. The included garden pole is 53″ tall. It’s the ideal weather vane size for decks, gardens, yards, and more.

Lifetime Guarantee – Your investment in Good Directions brand weather vanes is protected for life. If at any time during your ownership, it breaks or malfunctions, they’ll refund your money or replace your weather vane immediately!



The Beloved Biplane Of WWII/Crop Dusting – Yours For A Great Price!

For over 35 years, Good Directions has been manufacturing retail home and garden decor products and offering them for sale at an affordable price. Now they’re leading the way with a brand new line of American Artisan weather vanes. Each weather vane in this set has been handcrafted from 22-gauge copper, solid brass, and the finest all-weather materials. And this classic aviation biplane is just one of the many available weather vane for garden designs, and we invite you to browse them all!

Good Directions stands by their products with award-winning customer service and support. If you’ve got a problem with your weather vane, or need a question answered right away, the dedicated support line is always there to assist you. You can also reach them by email at your own convenience.

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