Classic All Weather Bantam Rooster Weathervane – Solid Brass And Copper!

The rooster weather vane has been a mainstay of farm life for many years. You’ve probably seen classic scenes of dude ranches with a rooster weather vane. And who hasn’t seen one adorning the top of a corral fence? Now you can get your very own rooster weather vane for a shed, in large size, for a lot less than you think!

Be sure to consider this highly affordable weather vane when it’s time to upgrade your property. You’ll notice the Good Directions brand comes with lots of great features other weather vanes simply don’t have.

Good Directions Classic Rooster Weather Vane Features

Polished Copper Rooster Ornament – Nothing spells farm life like the bantam rooster. Standing proudly on top of his arrow, the rooster is crafted from 100% pure copper with a beautifully polished outside. Aging naturally over time, it forms a rich patina, which is a trademark sign that your weather vane is real, genuine copper.

Solid Brass 18″L Directional – The 18″ length directional is much larger than cottage/standard size directionals. Even when positioned way up high, you’ll be able to see it with no problem at all.  And while the cost is more than cottage/small versions, if you need the functionality of a larger weather vane, the extra cost is worth it. There are also many other full-size weather vanes available from Good Directions, like this Pure Copper Classic Aviation Biplane.

Polished Copper Globes – This weather vane comes with 2 copper globes: A small one on top, and a large one on the bottom. They’re also 100% copper, and provide the same “cloudy blue” patina all copper does as it ages.

All Weather Assembly Rod – The all-weather assembly rod will hook right up to nearly any mounting hardware. The 401AL Roof Mount is recommended to accompany this vane because it doesn’t come with mounting hardware standard “in the box”.

Single Point Contact Design – The single point contact element allows this weather vane to spin more freely than other designs. And you’ll notice that this “spinner” element isn’t found in other brands of weather vanes. It’s a Good Directions exclusive!

Product Dimensions – Completely assembled, this weather vane measures 19” L x 36″ H x 15″ W:  The figure only dimensions measure : 19″ Length x 18″ Height x 2″ Width.

Lifetime Warranty – While other weather vane for roof manufacturers only come with a 1-year limited warranty, the Good Directions brand comes with an iron-clad, 100% Lifetime Warranty! And given the fact that weather vanes have to battle the elements 365 days a year, that’s quite an offer!

Help Keep America Strong! Support The Good Intentions Brand!

Nearly 35 years ago, Good Directions was born. Today, they stand for much more than just weather vanes and manufacture an entire array of home and garden decor. This includes interior accents, patio decorations, hanging items, and much more. Just recently, Good Directions has teamed up with the Smithsonian Institute to unveil a brand new line of products modeled around historical American art and design.

And you can help support the Good Directions movement! There’s no manufacturer that comes close to their quality for such a low price. When you shop around and compare, you’ll see that Good Directions is offering the best combination of value and quality for the money.

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