Check Out This Blue Verde Landing Duck Weather Vane! – Lifetime Warranty!

Check Out This Blue Verde Landing Duck Weather Vane! - Lifetime Warranty! 1

The Blue Verde Landing Duck is one of the most popular weather vanes currently being manufactured by the Good Directions brand. Take a look around! You won’t find artistic quality like this in other weather vanes being sold. Good Directions has been Americas “Go-To” source for home and garden decor for over 35 years! You’re getting the best in craftsmanship, quality, and dependability. And just wait till’ you see the features! There’s more to love about these weather vanes than any other brand!

Blue Verde Landing Duck Weather Vane Features

Check Out This Blue Verde Landing Duck Weather Vane! - Lifetime Warranty! 2

Blue Verde Landing Duck Decorative Ornament – Featured in this weather vane is a landing duck touching down after flight. It’s an accurate, life-size duck crafted from blue Verde copper, with wings outstretched and head bowed. This design was fashioned by world-renowned American Artisans, who also created the other Good Directions designs as well. Like the Smithsonian Eagle Weather Vane in 22 Gauge Pure Copper There’s a design to fit every style!

Solid Brass 18″ L Directional – The 18″ length directional provides you with an easy way to see which way the wind is blowing. Even high on top of cupolas, seeing the wind’s direction with this weather vane is always easy.

Dual 100% Copper Globes – Two 100% blue Verde copper globes match the ornamental duck perfectly. There’s no need to worry about colors clashing because the “patina-like” color remains constant.

All-Weather Assembly Rod – Even in high wind or heavy snow, you can count on the all-weather assembly rod to stand up to the elements. It provides top-notch performance and is guaranteed never to topple over.

“Single Point Contact” Sealed Bearing – You won’t find this patented sealed bearing in any other brand. Good Directions provides real value for your money, and the sealed bearing is designed to provide a lifetime of service.

“Award Winning”American Artisan Design – Each Good Directions weather vane design is hand-crafted by American Artisans. They’ve won various awards for the artistic beauty found of these weather vanes.

Lifetime Warranty – If at any time during your ownership, it breaks or malfunctions, you can simply return it for a full refund. Good Directions is one of the only manufacturers of weather vanes that actually provides a lifetime warranty.

Dimensions – The fully assembled size measures : 19” Length x 35″ Height x 27″ Wingspan – The figure only size measures : 19″ Length x 17″ Height x 27″ Wingspan.

Ducks Are Always In Season With This Weather Vane!

Check Out This Blue Verde Landing Duck Weather Vane! - Lifetime Warranty! 3

Hunters, animal lovers, wildlife hobbyists, and more will love the artistic detail. It makes the perfect gift idea and a wonderful accent to any property. You can count on the many years of design expertise Good Directions is famous for, and get a great deal at the same time! In fact, the Good Directions brand produces an entire line of home/garden decor, along with award-winning customer service. So, if you’re looking for a genuinely affordable, high-quality weather vane option, look no further! We’ve also got other brands you might enjoy, like the Red Tip Ornamental Windmill With Sealed Roller Bearings by Kotulas.

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