Blue Heron With Arrow Weathervane – Pure Copper, Lifetime Warranty!

Copper never seems to go out of style, and right now, you can get your hands on this 100% copper weather vane for a lot less than you might think. The great thing about copper is the way it ages. Instead of rusting through, it produces a cloudy blue protective “patina”. The patina is naturally produced by copper to protect it! And that’s the main reason you see weather vanes designed from copper, because of its natural protective element. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the feature set, so you can see what it comes with.


Good Directions Blue Heron w/Arrow Features

100% Copper Blue Heron Decorative Ornament w/Arrow – The ornament shows a deluxe blue heron with its wings spread in flight. And you’ll never have trouble seeing which way the wind is blowing with the included arrow. It will always point in the right direction, and the brass/copper construction compliments the look of this weather vane nicely.

Solid Brass 18″ Length Directional  – The 18″ length directional is the perfect weather vane for cupolas, homes, garages, gazebos, barns, and other large structures. You’ll find the letters N, E, S, and W in a fixed position, ready to display the wind direction.

Dual Copper Globes – With a small globe on top and a large one on the bottom, these globes serve a dual purpose. To separate the directional from the other parts of the vane, as well as add an additional element of style. You’ll notice they match up and compliment the copper ornament nicely too.

All-Weather Assembly Rod – Even in high wind, the rugged all-weather assembly rod won’t topple over. It supports the weight of the weather vane without bowing or bending.

401AL Roof Mount Ready – This weather vane doesn’t come with mounting hardware, but is fully ready to accommodate the 401AL roof mount. This is one of the most capable roof mounting hardware options for this weather vane type. You might also consider

Lifetime Guarantee – Good Directions wants to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase, so every vane they sell comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee. If it breaks at any time during your ownership, you get your money back! For life!

Award Winning Design – These weather vanes have won numerous awards for their lifelike presentation and attention to detail. They put a lot of hard work into fashioning the copper, and the animals do look strikingly accurate.

Dimensions – Fully assembled, the Blue Heron weather vane w/Arrow measures : 26″ Length x 38″ Height x 28″ Wingspan – The figure alone measures : 26″ Length x 20″ Height x 28″ Wingspan

Now Is A Great Time To Add A Weather Vane

People buy weather vanes for lots of reasons. To tell the direction of the wind, but also to upgrade their property! These weather vanes look spectacular on top of cupolas, and are an easy addition to help your estate look more complete. You’ll love how they look! The affordable price tag is within budget for most homeowners, and the increase in property value is more than worth the asking price. It’s a total Win-Win! And if this Blue Heron w/Arrow doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe you’ll like this 4ft Red Tip Ornamental Windmill instead!

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