Check Out This Durable Steel Weathervane Extension Rod! Super Affordable!

The Good Directions 301-11 extension rod is an easy upgrade for a super low price! When installed into a cupola, it provides the extra height you need. And you never have to worry about it toppling over in high wind conditions. It’s made from solid steel, with enough strength to support your entire weather vane setup and then some! It’s strong enough to accommodate your choice of weather vanes, accessories, and add-ons because it’s so strong! Now let’s take a look at the feature set.

Good Directions 301-11 Extension Rod Features

Solid Steel Extension Rod – This extension rod measures 11″ tall, and is made from solid steel for a lifetime of service. It comes complete with dual threads, one at the top and one at the bottom for easy installation. You can also buy more than one and connect them together for even more height.

401AL Compatible – This extension rod is compatible with the 401AL adjustable roof mount, also made by Good Directions. It’s also cross-compatible with other manufacturers, but you’ll have to check on the specifics to see which ones will actually fit.

Lifetime Warranty – All Good Directions weather vane products come with a lifetime guarantee against product defect and breakage. If at any time during the ownership of this extension rod, it breaks, you can simply return it for a full refund.

Dimensions – This extension rod measures 11″ x 0.75″ x 0.75″. And since it weighs only 1 lb, it doesn’t require much effort to get it installed.

Important Note: It’s recommended that buyers purchase 2 or more of these if they’re in need of serious height extension. Many customers report that just a single 301-11 extension rod doesn’t provide enough height by itself. And if you need less height, a hacksaw can help you cut one of these rods down to size.

Add More Value To Your Weathervane/Cupola Installation With An Extension Rod!

When it comes to adding the most value to your property, it’s not just the weather vane you should be concerned with. Many homeowners also choose to add a cupola, install the weather vane, and then add the extension rod to complete the package. In terms of property value, a skilled homeowner can easily add $1,000 or more to their home with a deluxe cupola and weather vane installation.

Here’s a great example of a weather vane you can use with this extension rod. The Classic All Weather Bantam Rooster Weathervane. Together with the 401AL roof mount (sold separately), you’ve got a complete package with added height and visual appeal. There’s also other mounting hardware you can use with this 301-11 extension rod, like the Good Directions 404 4-Sided Weathervane Roof Mount. The 404 mount accommodates the 3/4″ extension rod diameter as well.

This extension rod makes a great gift, and with the low price tag, it’s one nearly everyone can afford. And don’t forget, there are many other accessories you can add for even more functionality! There’s windcups, eave mounts, floor stands, mantle bases, mount covers, arrows, and much more! You can design a deluxe weather vane for cheap!

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